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Available as a CD from April 2013

Download from iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/had-stressful-day-create-mind/id345829670

Your Blue Sky - Guided Meditations
Two Powerful and Relaxing Guided Meditations

Each Meditation is 15 minutes in length.

Meditation 1
Your Blue Sky
This meditation provides you with a very powerful method for expanding your consciousness and cultivating clarity and peace. A calm, relaxed mind is like a clear blue sky

Meditation 2
Relax the Body and Mind
(This meditation has a very relaxing background music). Allow the tension and the tightness of the day to melt away with this simple relaxation exercise.

Please note these Meditations are taken from the - Had a Stressful Day - Create Mind Space CD which you can purchase from this store.

Sample the meditation here: